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Animals are special to me!!!

I have always felt a special relationship with animals. Ever since I was a little girl with my first cat "Rilla", I have been told I have a way with them. It's true! If there is a cat or dog in the room, I am drawn to their furry little face. I have an instinct within me to take care of them.

My home has had at least one cat my entire life, and therefore I consider myself an expert in kitties! I've been a dog mom since 2010 and I am so lucky to learn and grow with Kako and Jake by my side. There is nothing better than having animals in my life!

I grew up in beautiful Vermont and moved here to Massachusetts in 2000. I have worked in an office setting for the past 13 years and my most recent position was financial coordinator at a local orthodontist office. I decided it was time for a drastic change in my life and made the switch to become a "solopreneur" in July of 2016! I am so happy I did, because now I spend my days taking care of animals!

Even though I am a huge animal person, I am also an expert in human customer service. My entire working life has been in the customer service business, so I know how to make my clients happy! I strive to keep my services convenient for my clients, because I know how busy life can be.

I have been pet sitting on and off for the past 10 years both professionally and for friends. I have taken the plunge and I'm finally making this passion for pet sitting a full time business. I am excited to serve my community in this way!

This is Tinker and Paris, my most wonderful cats that were with me for almost 18 years! Paris left us in May of 2015 and Tinker in March of 2016 and they are very much missed! 

Here I am with my dogs, Kako the

Shiba Inu and Jake the terrier!